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Pongamia pinnata: Is there any alternative crop to Jatropha Curcus? The answer is yes. Pongamia is another oil plant tree, which can provide you a higher yield per Ha, but one can expect the yield only after 4 to 7 years!

We can provide you “seed to oil” technology for this oil tree also.

What is Pongamia Pinnata?

It is a deciduous tree that grows to about 15-25 meters in height with a large canopy that spreads equally wide. The leaves are a soft, shiny burgundy in early summer and mature to a glossy, deep green as the season progresses. Small clusters of white, purple, and pink flowers blossom on their branches throughout the year, maturing into brown seed pods. The tree is well suited to intense heat and sunlight and its dense network of lateral roots and its thick, long taproot make it drought tolerant. The dense shade it provides slows the evaporation of surface water and its root structures promote nitrogen fixation, which moves nutrients from the air into the soil. Withstanding temperatures slightly below 0°C to 50°C and a minimum annual rainfall of 500 mm, the tree grows wild on sandy and rocky soils, including oolitic limestone, but will grow in most soil types, even with its roots in salt water.

Yields and Economics Trees of ten reach adult height in 4 or 5 years, bearing at the age of 4–7 years. A single tree is said to yield 9–90 kg seed per tree, indicating a yield potential of 900––9000 kg seed/ha. Pongamia seeds contain 30-40% oil. Pongamia pinnata belongs to the family sp. (Papilionaceace) are mere species viz. Pongamia glabra also exists.

How good Pongamia Oil for Bio-Diesel?

Pongamia seed oil as a bio- fuel has physical properties very similar to conventional diesel. Emission properties, however, are cleaner for Bio-fuel than for conventional diesel. It has no polyaromatic compounds and reduced toxic smoke and soot emissions. A drastic reduction in sulphur content (<350ppm) and higher cetane number (>51) will be required in the petroleum diesel produced by refineries. However, bio-fuel meets these two important specifications and would help in improving the lubricity of low sulphur in (0.13- 0.16%) diesel. The present specification of flash point for petroleum diesel is 350 C which is lower than some other

countries in the world (>550C). Bio-fuel will help in raising the flash point, a requirement of safety.
Seeds, Seedlings, Cultivation method, Harvesting, life span of the tree, expelling oil, oil conversion to bio-diesel, Glycerin purification, Oil cake in to fertilizer or any other details on Pongamia can be provided on request.

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